Lamrim In-Depth – Our Precious Human Life

Our Precious Human Life

Lamrim In-Depth Retreat

Date: Friday 17th – Sunday 19th May 2024
Time: various times
Venue: Ganden Ling KMC, 9 St Marys Street, Truro, TR1 2AF

Cost: £25 entire event

Free for Gold members, 25% off for Silver members

Light Refreshments will be available during the breaks, but we have no facility for providing lunch, so please bring your own vegetarian food, or you can use one of the many cafes and shops in the local vicinity

Please no nuts due to allergy risk

About the Retreat

THIS PRECIOUS HUMAN LIFE – What is the point?
How many of us have asked this question? Have we ever found an answer that totally satisfies us?
Some of us want to be wealthy whilst others look for fame or status. Many of us think that our relationships with our family and friends is what life is about whilst others think that having fun and big adventures is what it’s all about.

Yet we all know either from personal experience or from what we see on TV or read in the papers that none of these things can guarantee us permanent happiness. Our life can change overnight leaving us feeling unprepared for the challenges we can often face. Every day we face situations we would rather avoid that bring disappointment, irriration or other unwanted feelings.

‘Since the world evolved human beings have spent almost all their time and energy improving external conditions in their search for happiness and a solution to their problems.
What has been the result? Instead of their wishes being fulfilled, human suffering and problems have continued to increase while the experience of happiness and peace is decreasing’

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso ‘How to Transform Your Life’

Our suffering comes from painful disturbing minds known as delusions such as our uncontrolled desire, anger and ignorance.

Our human life is very precious. As humans we have the opportunity to change our experience from suffering to happiness through learning to control our own mind. We can learn to remove all negativity and develop positive states of mind.

If we use our precious human life to gain spiritual realizations such as always cherishing others, we can even progress from the state of an ordinary being to that of a fully enlightened being.

When we have done this we will have the power to benefit all living beings without exception. What could be more meaningful than this?

If you would like to find out more or would like to take a few steps on a journey to transform your life, this special weekend retreat with Kelsang Yonchen, is an opportunity to do exactly that.


The retreat will begin with an Introductory teaching on Friday night.
There will then be three sessions each day on Saturday and Sunday.

Each session will include short prayers, a teaching and an opportunity to engage in deep contemplation and meditation.

Suitable for all, whether beginner or with more experience.

You can attend the full course or as many sessions as you prefer.

Everybody Welcome!


Whole Event £25

Friday Introduction £7
All Day Saturday £12
All Day Sunday: £12
Individual Sessions: £5

Free to Gold Members, 25% off for Silver members.
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19.00 – 20.30 Introductory Teaching


9.30-10.00 Registration

10.00-11.00 Retreat Session 1

11.45-12.45 Retreat Session 2

14.30 – 15.30 Retreat Session 3

16.00 – 17.15 Wishfulfilling Jewel Prayers (optional, free to attend)


10.00 – 11.00 Retreat Session 4

11.45-12.45 Retreat Session 5

14.30 – 15.30 Retreat Session 6

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Lamrim In-Depth Series

Each retreat within this series of Lamrim retreats gives us a opportunity to gain some deep experience of a single topic within Lamrim, or ‘Stages of the Path to Enlightenment’.
The Lamrim presentation of Buddha’s teachings, or ‘dharma’ provides a clear framework of how to enter, progress upon and complete the spiritual path to Enlightenment. It is often practiced on a daily basis in a cycle of 14, 15 or 21 meditation beginning with the meditations of the Initial Scope, followed by the Intermediate Scope meditations, and finally the meditations of the Great Scope.
By taking each stage seperately in these weekend retreats, which will be run in order over some time, we have the time to explore the topics in more detail, and to immerse ourselves in these precious teachings, which if taken to heart, are powerful methods to transform our life and the real path to everlasting happiness for ourselves and others.

This retreat is part of the Initial Scope Meditations

About the Teacher

Kelsang Yonchen is a Buddhist nun and resident teacher of Ganden Ling KBC. She is an experienced meditator and teacher known for her kindness and clear, accessible teachings.

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